*ing: Stuffed camels at a gift shop in Dubai



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Ahem, Hello

Some human talk, but I just thought I should add this.

I am no gifted artist (as you can see in the previous two posts). I am no graphic designer, so I’m not rich enough to buy Photoshop and Illustrator. But since MS Paint is not proving to exactly hone my dying art skills, I decided I’m going to do them by hand and then scan them. Or I’m just going to photograph the talking object. Let’s see how that goes.

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*ing: Angry, hurt, pissed off plant


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*ing: Pink Chaddi and Pink Slip


The Pink Chaddi Campaign is a non-violent protest that started in Feb 2009 against an ape who bashed up women in Mangalore for, according to me, cheap publicity. Of course, he claims to have other reasons. But the PCC is not just against him, it is against all others who think like him. They have a blog, check it out.

The Pink Slip is of course the most feared, the most hated and almost the most recieved now the world over.

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